The D Line

If you ask anyone that watches football what is the most important position on the team without question they would say quarterback and they would be correct.

The following question is even more valuable what position is most important to stop the quarterback. A good amount of fanatics would say the defensive backs because they cover the guys the QB throws the ball too and that would be a good guess but wrong.

The position that has the most effect on the most important position on the team is the Defensive line, D lineman directly effect the QB by helping stop the run game and when it's time to pass the ball by sacking and hitting the QB.

This is nothing against QBs because every team needs a good one to win but after you hit them a few times they tend to become a lot less accurate and a bit jittery which helps out a defense a lot (especially DBs).

You add that with defensive lines being filled with some of the best athletes on the team big men who can run fast , change direction and are explosive and powerful theres no wonder the horse power of a defense is its front Line.

In todays game because of the QBs and how much they throw the ball having a great skill set and or size playing Dline is imperative to success for a team and at the highest level lineman have become some of the highest compensated athletes because of there unique skill set.

Fresh off of Super Bowl Sunday and the best young QB(Patrick Mahomes) in the NFL was pressured more than any other super bowl in history by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and every time a great QB seems to fail theres a dominant Dline there to blame.

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